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Family Law & Adoption

Matrimonial Disputes

Navigating the complexities of dissolving a legal matrimonial relationship can be challenging, especially when disagreements arise regarding asset and responsibility distribution. Leaving these issues unresolved may lead to future complications.

In contested divorce cases, where parties disagree on the terms, several options are available, such as private mediation with a third-party mediator or a four-way negotiation involving lawyers from both sides.

In uncontested divorce or simplified divorce cases, the following issues are usually agreed upon and settled between parties: (a) ground of divorce; (b) custody of children; (c) division of assets; and (d) maintenance.

At Luo Ling Ling LLC, we have experience advising and representing clients in contentious divorce cases, achieving amicable settlements between parties. Our lawyers can provide essential guidance and help draft the necessary documents for your case.


Discover the essential steps to adopting a child, as well as the legal requirements and processes involved. At Luo Ling Ling LLC, Let our experienced lawyers guide you through the journey of adoption.

Adoption is a life-changing decision that brings joy and fulfilment to both the adoptive parents and the child. In Singapore, the adoption process is governed by the Adoption of Children Act 1939 ("ACA").

To adopt a child in Singapore, prospective parents must meet certain criteria. For example, adopting parents must be at least 25 years old and not more than 50 years older than the child. In exceptional cases, the Court may grant permission for adoptions that fall outside this age range. Furthermore, married couples, single individuals, or unmarried couples may adopt. However, if you are unmarried, you can only adopt a child of the same gender, unless special circumstances warrant otherwise. Lastly, Singapore citizens and permanent residents may adopt, while long-term pass holders may apply under specific circumstances.

For a child to be adopted, they must be under 21 years old and unmarried. Additionally, they are eligible for adoption if they are a Singaporean citizen, permanent resident, or foreign nationals residing in Singapore. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about the adoption process and what we can do for you.

Some of our Contentious Matrimonial Litigation cases

- Successfully defended a client's win in a landmark case on admitting mediation agreements for Family cases.

Services for Matrimonial Disputes

Contentious Divorce


Division of Assets and Responsibilities

Services for Will, Probate, and Administration

Will Drafting

Certification of Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

Grant of Probate, Letters of Administration

Services for Adoption

Legal Advice on Adoption

Preparation of Court documents for Adoption




"Ms Luo Ling Ling took up my contested divorce case with professionalism and she was very meticulous towards my case (as I felt she would be for every case based on her professional work ethics), which has provided a very fair outcome in the final variation.

She has really given her best for my case and I am really grateful that I have found her for the case. Thank you Ms Luo for the great help, the kindness, and definitely achieving the outcome that I really required to live on with my life."

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