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Criminal Defence

Facing arrest and criminal charges? Remember that everyone has the right to legal representation, no matter the circumstances. Although it's a challenging situation, know that you're not alone and we're here to help.

If you've been arrested and placed in an interrogation room, the investigating officer will require a statement about the alleged crime. Under Singapore law, there's no "Right To Silence", and choosing to remain silent could be used against you in court. Provide the officer with as much details as possible but decline to answer self-incriminating questions, explaining that you don't understand the question and you need time to consider it. You should seek legal advice before answering those questions which you are unsure of.

We recognize that when you are implicated in an alleged crime and facing criminal proceedings, you need a legal team you can trust and rely on. Our seasoned criminal defence lawyers have an outstanding track record in achieving the best outcomes for clients, resulting in high client satisfaction.


Our Criminal Law team has vast experience representing clients in court, including high-profile and intricate cases, often covered in local media. This blend of expertise and client rapport enables our team to assure clients they are receiving top-notch advice and representation. With over 20 years of combined experience in criminal matters, our lawyers strive to deliver the strongest defence possible.

No matter the accusation, we treat your case with the utmost significance, understanding its importance to you, and always striving to minimize the damage and disruption criminal allegations can cause. Contact our team today to discuss your situation.


Arrest and Custody
The police have the authority to arrest you without a warrant you are reasonably suspected to have committed a serious offence. However, if an investigation is required prior to arrest, a warrant is needed.

If you find yourself in a situation of arrest, it is crucial to promptly reach out to a criminal
defence lawyer to understand your rights and get advice on subsequent actions. It may be beneficial to notify your family and lawyer if you are held in custody. While you might be detained for up to 48 hours, you must be released unless the police obtain an order from a Magistrate to extend your custody for further investigations.

Our experienced criminal defence lawyers can provide immediate legal consultation if you are being investigated by the police and are asked to partake in an official interview. We will safeguard your rights and treat you with dignity, while planning a tactical defence strategy to secure the most favourable outcome.

Facing Criminal Charges
Should the prosecution decide that there is sufficient evidence for a trial, they will likely proceed with pressing criminal charges on you.

Contact our seasoned criminal defence lawyers as soon as you are charged. Early representation can significantly impact a case's progression. Our lawyers can advise you on the best course of action under these circumstances. Please reach out to us.


Some of our Criminal Defence cases

- Acted as defence for the accused in the babysitter poisoning trial, ending up with a reduced sentence.

- Acted as defence for the accused in a sexual offence involving multiple parties.

Services for Criminal Defence

  1. Drug-related crimes:​ drug possession; drug trafficking; drug consumption; and manufacturing or cultivation of drugs.

  2. Capital offences: murder; drug trafficking; terrorism; use of firearms; kidnapping.

  3. Harassment: Stalking; cyberbullying; sexual harassment.

  4. Violent crimes: Battery; robbery; rape; kidnapping; criminal intimidation.

  5. Rioting: Unlawful assembly; affray; participating in a riot; inciting violence or disorder.

  6. Property crimes: Theft; burglary; vandalism; criminal trespass.

  7. Public order offences: public nuisance; disorderly conduct; drunkenness in public; illegal gambling.

  8. Traffic and road-related offences: drink-driving; reckless driving; speeding; traffic light violations.

P.S. Regarding Pro-Bono work, we do engage in such work but only via the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme (CLAS), Legal Assistance Scheme for Capital Offences Counsel (LASCO), Legal Aid Bureau, Law Society Pro Bono Services Office. Please apply to those entities if you are seeking Pro-Bono representation.


Let us take the stress out of your legal process. Our team is here to help you.


We intend to thoroughly examine your accusations, analyse the evidence presented against you, furnish you with a legal opinion, and formulate a detailed strategy to achieve the most favorable result.


Our primary objective is to prevent the occurrence of a criminal record or, even worse, a jail sentence. To achieve this, we initiate the process by engaging in negotiations with the prosecuting party, scrutinising the investigation for any weaknesses or deficiencies, encouraging you to undertake personal actions, and gathering evidence of your exemplary character history.



If the charges cannot be withdrawn or resolved in a favorable manner, we will diligently and painstakingly prepare for the case, specifically focusing on countering the witnesses and ensuring your thorough readiness for trial. Our team of lawyers possesses extensive experience in trial proceedings and will utilize every available resource and strategy to deliver a skillful, vigorous, compelling, and ultimately effective defense on your behalf.

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