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Sharifah Nabilah - Senior Associate at Luo Ling Ling LLC

Sharifah Nabilah

Senior Associate

Since 2020

Nabilah graduated from the National University of Singapore with two degrees, Law and Sociology. In 2020, Nabilah was called to the bar as an Advocate & Solicitor.

Since law school, Nabilah has been assisting in Legal Assistance Scheme for Capital Offences (“LASCO”) cases which involve accused persons charged with offences where the death penalty is the maximum sentence. 

While on her journey to becoming a qualified lawyer, Nabilah worked on a diversity of cases including construction disputes, employment disputes, wills & probate, divorce, corporate insolvency and debt recovery. 

As a senior associate, some of her notable achievements include:


  • Xia Zheng v Lee King Anne [2021] SGHC 199

    • Successfully defended against a summary judgment where her written submissions earned the praise of the Honourable Justice Tan Siong Thye.

  • Zhong Kai Construction Co Pte Ltd v Diamond Glass Enterprise Pte Ltd [2021] SGHC 277​

  • BAFCO Singapore Pte Ltd v Lee Tze Seng and others [220] SGHC 281


  • VRV v VRW [2021] SGFC 61​

    • Succeeded in a cross application for variation of custody orders for a high-net-worth client.

    • Succeeded in an application to admit evidence of a mediation agreement.


  • Sa'adiah Bte Jamari v Public Prosecutor [2022] SGHC 88

Beyond the shores of Singapore, Nabilah has interned and volunteered in conflict zones across the Middle East. Amidst refugee camps and a coup d'etat, Nabilah developed an adroitness that allows her to navigate the intricacies of the practice of Law. 

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